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Fred Krahe wiki "an ex- NSW detective whose reputation as an underworld enforcer and hit man earned him the nickname of the ‘Killer Cop’. In The Prince and The Premier, David Hickie called Krahe the ‘King of crooked police during the Askin era, he organised the abortion rackets, armed hold-ups, the framing of criminals and bribery payments among prostitutes and the police, and he maintained a reputation feared in the Sydney underworld’.

"Krahe, described by another NSW detective as ‘an evil bloke — a big, brooding bastard with an aura of power and evil about him’, joined the police force in 1940 and rose to the rank of Detective-Sergeant. But in 1971 Shirley Brifman, queen of the Kings Cross call girls, blew the whistle on his rackets, subsequently paying with her life. Krahe retired ‘medically unfit’ from the police in 1972 and became a licensed private investigator, working as a security chief for the developers during the Victoria Street redevelopment/Green Ban battle in Kings Cross. In July 1975, Juanita Nielsen, whose local newspaper NOW had led the fight against the multimillion dollar redevelopment, disappeared. Many credit Krahe with the murder of Juanita Nielsen, a murder with many similarities to the murder of Donald Mackay". [1]

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