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Fred Goldberg is a climate change skeptic; critics state that "while his educational background is in welding technology, Goldberg has been cited as an authority on polar history and exploration at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden." [1]

Goldberg was a speaker at the International Conference on Climate Change (2009) organized by the Heartland Institute think tank. [2]

Goldberg identified himself as an "associate professor at the Royal School of Technology in Stockholm," Sweden, as recently as 2006. [3] Goldberg is also listed as a speaker at an Institute forum titled "Global Warming - Scientific Controversies in Climate Variability," held in September 2006. [4] However, according to an undated profile of Goldberg, he is "not currently employed" by the Institute. [1] Heartland's profile of Goldberg says he "was affiliated with the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) from 1969 to 2000," and in 2006 "was appointed Secretary General for an International Climate Seminar at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm." [5]

On global warming

"There is research that indicates that the ice sheets are being reduced, but there are also studies that show the complete opposite," a 2007 piece that Goldberg co-authored states. "As for polar bears, much points to that their numbers are increasing rather than diminishing." [3]

Goldberg signed onto a December 2007 open letter to United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon that called global warming "a natural phenomenon that has affected humanity through the ages," called carbon dioxide "a non-polluting gas that is essential to plant photosynthesis," and claimed the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's reports "quite inadequate as justification for implementing policies that will markedly diminish future prosperity." The letter also stated, "Recent observations of phenomena such as glacial retreats, sea-level rise and the migration of temperature-sensitive species are not evidence for abnormal climate change, for none of these changes has been shown to lie outside the bounds of known natural variability." [6]

Goldberg "claims that studies of solar forcing, cosmic radiation and cloud formation explain the global warming that has taken place since 1975," according to coverage of a January 2007 speaking event. "He also maintains that the current high levels of carbon dioxide have not altered the earth's climate, and that the current high level in the atmosphere is natural." [7]

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