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Francis R. Shottes, an associate at Potomac Advocates, is "President of SisCorp., Inc., a Washington-based consulting firm that deals with congressional issues and interfaces with high-level officials in foreign countries.

"Currently, Mr. Shottes is working on technology transfer from the Minister of Defense in Russia and communications centers in the region of Komi. He also specializes in the medical field, such as laser technology, tissue development and breast cancer, as well as environmental issues and major programs in the United States Department of Defense and the Department of Education. Sis Corp. is responsible for over $100 million in federal funds to other companies.

"Mr. Shottes began his career with General Electric's Palo Alto Microwave laboratory, where he was involved in the development of high-power, very high frequency microwave tubes. He moved on to Avco Systems Division, where he was responsible for acquiring real estate for construction of a new 82,000 square foot office building and for relocation of over 2,000 employees to the site.

"Mr. Shottes also set up Avco's boron production facility in Lowell, MA and implemented a highly sophisticated numerically-controlled manufacturing facility, which manufactured command module heat shields for the Apollo Program and re-entry system heat shields for the Minuteman II program.

"As Director of Avco Systems Division, Mr. Shottes significantly assisted with the acquisition of major contracts in strategic systems, such as Technology Development Vehicle, Advanced Ballistic Re-entry vehicle, Peacekeeper (PCKPR), Pershing II Nuclear Adaption Kit and Wide Area Munitions (WAM). He also contributed to the V22 Program and the Advanced Helicopter Improvement Program for Textron Corporation."