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Projects supported by Ford

Media projects supported in 2005

  • Independent Press Association "To provide working capital for the Independent Press Development" $1,500,000 [1]
  • Minnesota Public Radio/American Public Media]] (St. Paul, MN) "For “Speaking of Faith,” a public radio program providing broad public education about the significance of religion in modern society and international events." $275,000
  • African Women and Child Information Network Limited (Kenya) "For media activities related to the Beijing+10 conference at the United Nations." $125,286
  • Mediae Trust (England) "To develop educational television in Kenya in order to improve numeracy, literacy and sexual health education and establish and test the effective integration of educational and disaster preparedness programming." $138,000
  • Creative Capital Foundation (New York, NY) "For grants and technical assistance to individual artists working in diverse media who are pursuing innovation in form and/or content." $200,000
  • Active Voice (San Francisco, CA) For three national public engagement campaigns using television and film projects to stimulate dialogue across political, cultural and ethnic divides on complex public policy issues. $322,000
  • Agape Foundation on behalf of Third World Majority]] (San Francisco, CA) To plan a national Media Justice Network of grassroots groups working on social justice issues in historically marginalized communities. $34,500
  • American Documentary, Inc. (New York, NY) To spin off Active Voice as an independent nonprofit specializing in design and implementation of strategic public engagement campaigns for high-quality media products addressing major social issues. $200,000
  • American University (Washington, DC) For the Center for Social Media’s Public Media Thinktank project to help shape public understanding and participation in the public media sector. $1,000,000
  • Associated Press Managing Editors Association, Inc. (New York, NY) To produce and distribute in print and online a guidebook for journalists and educators of lessons learned by participants in the National Credibility Roundtables, a series of press-public dialogues. $100,000
  • Atlantic Public Media, Inc. (Woods Hole, MA) To enable to sustain its online workshop that mentors public radio producers and helps them distribute new radio programming. $50,000
  • Bay Area Video Coalition, Inc. (San Francisco, CA) For the Frameworks program, a strategy to nurture diverse generations of media makers and to facilitate new networks among community organizations, distributors and audiences. $50,000
  • Begging Naked, Inc. (New York, NY) For post-production on “Begging Naked,” a documentary telling the story of Elise Hill, a homeless woman and artist. $50,000
  • Beyond the Dream, LLC (Burbank, CA) To complete “Beyond the Dream: California and the American Dream,” a public television documentary series exploring the dynamics of culture, identity and civic engagement. $100,000
  • Black Filmmaker Foundation (New York, NY) For Where My Ladies At?, an interactive narrative Web site and educational guide that looks at the commercial relationship between Hip Hop and pornography. $75,000
  • Cabin Creek Center for Work and Environmental Studies, Inc. (New York, NY) To research and develop “Journey of Hope: Women Changing Our World,” a documentary film celebrating the mission of the United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women. $75,000
  • California, University of (Berkeley, CA) For the Graduate School of Journalism to hold a conference on The Changing Economics of News: Who Will Pay for Excellent Journalism in the Future? $30,800
  • Third World Newsreel (Camera News, Inc.) (New York, NY) For the Annual Media Call project to produce social justice documentaries by emerging and established media makers that reflect the impact of current events on diverse communities of color. $50,000
  • Center for Civic Participation (Minneapolis, MN) For the Fourth World Rising project to plan a national Media Justice Network of grassroots groups working on social justice issues in historically marginalized communities. $15,000
  • Center for International Media Action, Inc. (Brooklyn, NY) To strengthen media reform/media justice organizations in the United States and create linkages to organizations working on global media and communications issues. $155,000
  • Center for Investigative Reporting, Inc. (Berkeley, CA) For “Banished,” a documentary film on the history and legacy of forced expulsions of African-Americans from their communities. $150,000
  • Chicago Council on Foreign Relations (Chicago, IL) For the Midwest Media Project to bring greater depth and scope to the presentation of international news in that region of the country. $250,000
  • Chicago Council on Foreign Relations (Chicago, IL) For a planning meeting to explore initial work toward a major media project intended to bring greater depth and scope to the presentation of foreign news in the Midwestern media. $40,000
  • Cine Qua Non, Inc. (New York, NY) For an outreach campaign for the documentary “The Education of Shelby Knox.” $125,000
  • Community Based Media (Brooklyn, NY) For final production and post-production costs of “Estilo Hip Hop,” a documentary chronicling a Latin American youth-led movement utilizing hip hop as a consciousness-raising and political organizing tool. $75,000
  • Community Renewal Society (Chicago, IL) To enable the Chicago Reporter to undertake investigative news stories on criminal justice, politics and government, immigration, child welfare, affordable housing and other social justice issues. $140,000
  • Consumers Union of United States, Inc. (Yonkers, NY) For the Strategic Resource Center and its Web site for the field of electronic media policy advocacy in the United States, $600,000
  • CUNY TV Foundation (New York, NY) To distribute “Black Writers in America,” an eight-part series of interviews with African-American novelists, poets, playwrights and screenwriters, to public television stations nationwide. $15,000
  • Ebb Pod Productions (Boston, MA) For post-production of the documentary “Traces of the Trade: A Story from the Deep North,” revealing New England’s complicity in slavery through the story of one family’s role in the slave trade. $50,000
  • [[Educational Broadcasting Corporation (New York, NY) For the public television series “Wide Angle” and for “Spirit Moving,” a documentary about the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater’s process of creating a collaborative dance work. $400,000
  • Electronic Privacy Information Center (Washington, DC) For capacity building, research, public education and advocacy focusing on the social policy challenges created by information technology. $400,000
  • Epidavros Project, Inc. (New York, NY) For “How Democracy Works Now,” a documentary project about immigration, identity and democracy in the United States. $100,000
  • Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting Inc. (New York, NY) To monitor and analyze the performance of the news media in the United States. $50,000
  • Filmmakers Collaborative, Inc. (Waltham, MA) To renew the copyrights for the award winning public television documentary series “Eyes on the Prize.” $600,000
  • Firelight Media, Inc. (New York, NY) For the production and dissemination of social issue documentary films, videos and new media. $1,500,000
  • Foundation-administered project (New York, NY) For joint learning, assessment and communications activities to enhance the work of grantees and others working in the field of media. $300,000
  • Free Press (Northampton, MA) For research and content development for state and local issue components of and to create Spanish-language versions of key Web and print materials. $100,000
  • Funding Exchange, Inc. (New York, NY) To enable the Media Justice Fund to promote socially responsible communications policy through grassroots advocacy. $50,000
  • Future of Music Coalition, Inc. (Washington, DC) For organizational development and strategic planning aimed at strengthening the coalition’s governance, financial management and communications capacity. $50,000
  • Global Action Project, Inc. (New York, NY) To strengthen its interdisciplinary multimedia-based programs, increase professional development of staff and support curriculum development. $150,000
  • Globalist (Washington, DC) To create and publish the Globalist Bookshelf and the Globalist PhotoGallery, two major online projects providing news and features about the process and impact of globalization. $100,000
  • Highlander Pictures, Ltd. (New York, NY) To produce “When Muppets Dream of Peace,” a documentary on the development of a joint Israeli-Palestinian- Jordanian children’s television program. $100,000
  • IC Foundation, Inc. (Brookline, MA) To disseminate a report on the financing of mission-driven media to prospective investors and the media industry. $30,000
  • Independent Press Association (San Francisco, CA) To build the financial strength of the Independent Press Development Fund in order to help it manage the risks inherent in its lending activities. $400,000
  • Independent Press Association (San Francisco, CA) For the George Washington Williams Fellowships for journalists and the Voices that Must be Heard ethnic media translation project. $200,000
  • Independent Television Service, Inc. (San Francisco, CA) To bring international perspectives to the United States and carry diverse American perspectives to the world through independently produced television documentary programming. $2,000,000
  • Independent World Television, Inc. (New York, NY) For a feasibility and planning study on an innovative idea to create a news and current affairs TV network funded primarily by viewers. $100,000
  • International Women’s Media Foundation (Washington, DC) To produce and publish news stories and program information about women in the media and press freedoms on and to update and improve the site’s worldwide directory of women journalists. $50,000
  • Internews Network (Arcata, CA) For the October 2005 Global Forum for Media Development conference in Amman, Jordan and to produce a related Web site and CD/DVD. $108,000
  • Kovno Communications, Inc. (Berkeley, CA) To complete the documentary “Soul of Justice: Thelton Henderson’s American Journey” and develop a plan for its distribution and broadcast on public television. $75,000
  • Link Media, Inc. (San Francisco, CA) To enable Link TV to engage, educate and activate viewers to become involved in the world and to build institutional capacity to achieve its mission. $1,800,000
  • Lumiere Productions, Inc. (New York, NY) For post-production and outreach work to prepare “Democracy on Deadline,” a television documentary series on the global struggle for an independent press, for national broadcast. $300,000
  • Maysles Films, Inc. (New York, NY) To complete production of a documentary about the twenty-five year journey of artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude to realize their environmental arts piece, “The Gates,” in New York City. $100,000
  • Media Access Project (Washington, DC) To develop staff and board capacity in order to further electronic media policy reform and complete and implement a strategic plan. $50,000
  • Media Tank, Inc. (Philadelphia, PA) To plan a national Media Justice Network of grassroots groups working on social justice issues in historically marginalized communities. $70,000
  • Minnesota Public Radio/American Public Media (St. Paul, MN) To produce “American Global: Documentary and Investigative Reporting on the Impact of Globalization,” a series of radio and Internet documentaries, and for related Web sites and multimedia presentations. $300,000
  • National Alliance of Media Arts Centers, Inc. (San Francisco, CA) For a comprehensive mapping of the independent media arts sector and for its 25th anniversary conference. $84,800
  • National Public Radio (Washington, DC) To expand its international reporting and programming capacity, and for “News and Notes,” a public affairs program giving voice to issues of importance to black Americans. $3,000,000
  • National Video Resources, Inc. (New York, NY) To enable the Grantmakers in Film and Electronic Media’s Working Group on Electronic Policy to inform funders about key media policy issues. $150,000
  • Native American Public Telecommunications, Inc. (Lincoln, NE) To enable the National Minority Consortia to address key management capacity-building needs of consortia members, including fundraising, market research, strategic planning and organizational development. $700,000
  • Native Networking Policy Center (Reston, VA) To ensure and coordinate tribal participation in the formation and implementation of communications policies impacting Indian Country in the United States. $100,000
  • New America Foundation (Washington, DC) To enable the Spectrum Policy Program to conduct research and public education to engage policy makers, the press and community groups in a debate on the future of the public airwaves. $300,000
  • New York University (New York, NY) To enable the Center for Media, Culture and History to convene participants in the foundation’s Global Perspectives in a Digital Age initiative to enrich and inform the initiative’s agenda and activities. $200,000
  • Office of Communication of the United Church of Christ, Inc. (Cleveland, OH) For public education and community organizing on media reform, with emphasis on social justice concerns, and an independent assessment of organizational infrastructure and sustainability. $400,000
  • OneWorld United States (Washington, DC) To expand its links with U.S. publics and strengthen effective engagement between U.S. and overseas organizations by providing direct, diverse and dependable information on global issues. $500,000
  • Oria Films (Spain) For post-production of “El Inmortal,” a documentary about the impact of war on families and communities in Nicaragua. $50,000
  • Outer Voices (Sebastopol, CA) For “Outer Voices,” a six-part radio documentary series focusing on women peace activists in the Pacific Islands and the Asian Pacific Rim. $75,000
  • Pacific News Service (San Francisco, CA) To develop and launch News from the New America, a national news service distributing and exchanging news, information and commentary across racial, ethnic and generational lines. $800,000
  • PBS Foundation (Alexandria, VA) To ensure the long-term sustainability of the public broadcasting system and launch a digital public affairs network. $4,000,000
  • Prometheus Radio Project (Philadelphia, PA) For organizational development, advocacy and expansion of community-based, non-commercial radio. $200,000
  • Proteus Fund, Inc. (Amherst, MA) To staff the Media Democracy Fund, a new donors’ collaborative in the field of electronic media policy. $100,000
  • Public Knowledge (Washington, DC) For capacity building, advocacy, online organizing, research and constituency building related to the information commons. $400,000
  • Public Radio Capital (Englewood, CO) To expand the choices for public radio programming in the United States by protecting and expanding public radio’s scarce broadcast assets. $800,000
  • Public Radio International, Inc. (Minneapolis, MN) For core programming and to plan and develop new initiatives reflecting a broader range of global perspectives and serving new audiences over multiple media platforms. $1,250,000
  • Robert C. Maynard Institute for Journalism Education (Oakland, CA) For activities aimed at improving news media coverage of diverse communities. $700,000
  • Roundtable, Inc. (Boston, MA) To plan and research the creation of a new model for both production and distribution of social issues media projects. $75,000
  • San Francisco State University Foundation, Inc. (San Francisco, CA) To enable the Center for Integration and Improvement of Journalism to conduct programs to promote diversity in the news media and to undertake implementation of its strategic plan. $400,000
  • San Jose State University Foundation (San Jose, CA) For the School of Journalism and Mass Communication’s Grade the News project to improve public awareness and understanding of news media issues. $75,000
  • Sesame Workshop (New York, NY) For Hikayat Simsim, a multimedia educational project to promote Palestinian identity for preschool children in the West Bank and Gaza. $250,000
  • Sierra Club Foundation (San Francisco, CA) To enable “Sierra Club TV,” a documentary series for distribution via satellite, to educate the public about critical environmental issues confronting the United States. $545,000
  • Skylight Pictures, Inc. (New York, NY) To complete post-production on “State of Fear,” a feature length documentary on the war against terror in Peru. $75,000
  • Southern California, University of (Los Angeles, CA) For the work of the Institute for Justice and Journalism, including professional education, networking, research, analysis and dialogue to strengthen coverage of complex justice issues. $1,500,000
  • St. John’s University (Queens, NY) For an interdisciplinary conference, Rethinking the Discourse on Race, on the impact on social justice of the lack of racial diversity in the electronic media, to be held by the School of Law. $50,000
  • Station Resource Group, Inc. (Takoma Park, MD) For Public Radio Exchange’s innovative use of Internet technology to strengthen public radio’s programming diversity in its broadcast and online services. $600,000
  • Sundance Institute for Film and Television (Beverly Hills, CA) To enable the Sundance Documentary Fund to make development and work-in-progress grants for films and videos that focus on current and significant issues and movements and for its fellows program. $2,313,000
  • Tribeca Film Institute (New York, NY) To present a series of films and panel discussions focused on the history, people and events of the Middle East. $75,000
  • Veterans of Hope Project (Denver, CO) For the research and development phase of the Media Institute for Youth Leadership, an intergenerational pilot project in compassionate leadership development. $50,000
  • Video Machete (Chicago, IL) To plan a national Media Justice Network of grassroots groups working on social justice issues in historically marginalized communities. $27,500
  • WGBH Educational Foundation (Boston, MA) For production and outreach activities for four new documentaries in the PBS television series “American Experience.” $700,000
  • WITNESS, Inc. (Brooklyn, NY) For its worldwide human rights video advocacy programs. $200,000
  • WNYC Foundation (New York, NY) To produce and promote “On The Media,” a public radio program examining journalism and media issues. $400,000
  • World Security Institute (Washington, DC) For “Foreign Exchange with Fareed Zakaria,” a weekly television program exploring U.S. foreign policy from the perspective of commentators from the regions of the world that are directly affected. $300,000


Media projects supported in 2000

  • Lovett Productions Inc. (New York) $200,000 For a documentary on the impact of H.I.V./AIDS in southern Africa.
  • Panos Institute (England) $100,000 For an H.I.V./AIDS radio listening group in Zimbabwe to improve women's access to information on health and related policy issues. [3]
  • Feminist Press Inc. (New York) $560,000 For Women Writing Africa, an anthology by and about African women. [8]
  • African Publishers' Network Trust (Zimbabwe) $150,000 To strengthen publishing in Africa.
  • Bard College (New York) $1,000,000 For a partnership between the American Symphony Orchestra and Bard College.
  • Film and TV Market Initiative (South Africa) $125,000 For an international meeting of broad-casters and independent producers and for organizational development.
  • IMZ-International Music Centre (Austria) $200,000 For an international program on the promotion of local music heritage in the age of globalization
  • Alliance for Better Campaigns (Washington, D.C.) $200,000 To monitor, evaluate and increase the availability of free television airtime for potential discourse.
  • American Documentary (New York) $410,000 For an initiative on improving race relations.
  • American Library Association (Chicago) $115,000 For public education, advocacy and constituency building for digital media.
  • Associated Press Managing Editors Association Inc. (Omaha, Neb.) $325,000 To improve communications between newspaper staffs and the communities they serve.
  • Bay Area Institute (San Francisco) $300,000 To improve the ethnic news media and to increase public understanding of minority community issues.
  • Brown University (Providence, R.I.) $125,000 To study the pre-Columbian writing and culture of Mesoamerica.
  • California, University of (Berkeley) $100,000 For a digital television production laboratory.
  • Center for Media Education Inc. (Washington, D.C.) $125,000 For public education and local constituency building on policy issues related to high-speed networks.
  • Children Now (Oakland, Calif.) $150,000 For research on how local television news stations depict children's issues. [9]
  • Chimpanzee Productions (La Jolla, Calif.) $75,000 For a documentary about the kinship between African-American and Afro-Brazilian identities.
  • Columbia University (New York) $1,000,000 For the Columbia Journalism Review.
  • Columbia University (New York) $660,000 To train journalists in ways to improve news coverage about race-related issues and events.
  • Communications Consortium Media Center (Washington, D.C.) $85,000 For a publication describing the work of Ford Foundation grantees engaged in improving the news media in the United States.
  • Compasspoint Nonprofit Services (San Francisco) $125,000 To strengthen the effectiveness of Ford Foundation grantees working to improve diversity in news media.
  • Consumer Federation of America Foundation (Washington, D.C.) $300,000 For research and a report and to educate community leaders on digital divide issues.
  • Education Development Center Inc. (Newton, Mass.) $20,000 To study the effectiveness of youth media training programs in the United States.
  • Foundation-administered project $110,000 To develop a network of media policy scholars.
  • Foundation-administered project $80,000 To map local production practices and capacity of public television stations.
  • Foundation-administered project $50,000 For activities to assist in the development of the foundation's media policy portfolio.
  • Fred Friendly Seminars Inc. (New York) $80,000 For a public affairs television program on the media's coverage of the U.S. elections.
  • Fund for Constitutional Government (Washington, D.C.) $200,000 For public education and research on online privacy issues.
  • Georgetown University (Washington, D.C.) $100,000 To represent the public's interest in F.C.C. proceedings to determine public-service obligations for digital TV broadcasters.
  • Institute for Advanced Study-Louis Bamberger and Mrs. Felix Fuld Foundation (Princeton, N.J.) $100,000 For the institute's seminar on the impact of the new-media technologies.
  • International Women's Media Foundation (Washington, D.C.) $15,000 To honor journalists who demonstrate a commitment to reporting the news and preserving a free press.
  • Latino Public Broadcasting (Los Angeles) $100,000 To strengthen the Latino independent-production sector.
  • Leadership Conference Education Fund Inc. (Washington, D.C.) $200,000 To educate civil rights and civil liberties organizations about media policies and to encourage their constituencies to participate in media policy debates.
  • Link Media Inc. (San Rafael, Calif.) $120,000 For a digital media business plan and marketing study for a direct broadcast satellite channel.
  • Maryland, University of (Adelphi) $1,000,000 For the American Journalism Review.
  • Maryland, University of (Adelphi) $125,000 For efforts to ensure that portions of the Internet are reserved for public and civic uses and to develop locally produced civic content.
  • Minnesota News Council $25,000 To study news coverage of sports and race.
  • Minnesota, University of (Minneapolis) $15,000 For research on joint ventures between large media corporations.
  • Moving Image Inc. (New York) $1,000,000 For a documentary series on ethical issues facing journalists working for local television stations.
  • National Council of La Raza (Washington, D.C.) $20,000 For the National Association of Latino Independent Producers program.
  • National Hispanic Foundation for the Arts (Washington, D.C.) $100,000 To expand opportunities for Latinos in the media.
  • National Indian Telecommunications Institute Inc. (Santa Fe, N.M.) $100,000 To raise tribal awareness of media policy issues and to provide representation to the Native-American community at the F.C.C. and other media policy making bodies.
  • National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association (Washington, D.C.) $100,000 To strengthen the organization's ability to carry out programs.
  • National Video Resources Inc. (New York) $54,000 For a multimedia fellows program for Mexican producers and artists.
  • Office of Communication of the United Church of Christ (Cleveland) $250,000 To organize communities of color to support the creation of a low-power radio station and to train them to establish stations.
  • Oregon Public Broadcasting Foundation Inc. (Portland) $100,000 For a documentary that examines Native-American issues through the experiences of a girls' basketball team.
  • Panos Institute (Senegal) $200,000 For an Internet-based community radio programming distribution project.
  • Pennsylvania State University (University Park) $75,000 For a conference to explore the cultural meanings of art, technology and the human body.
  • Progressive Inc. (Madison, Wis.) $100,000 To syndicate opinion columns written by minority scholars, experts and community activists.
  • Public Radio International Inc. (Minneapolis) $1,000,000 For program and institutional development.
  • Radio & Television News Directors Foundation (Washington, D.C.) $200,000 For public discussions and ethics training workshops for broadcast journalists.
  • Robert C. Maynard Institute for Journalism Education (Oakland, Calif.) $41,000 For activities during a period of transition.
  • Roundtable Inc. (Boston) $127,000 For a public engagement project for independent producers.
  • Salzburg Seminar in American Studies Inc. (Middlebury, Vt.) $75,000 To enable representatives of public interest organizations to attend Internet governance meetings.
  • Southern California, University of (Los Angeles) $425,000 For an institute specializing in journalism and racial justice.
  • Southern California, University of (Los Angeles) $125,000 For an Internet journal that examines online news media.
  • Southern California, University of (Los Angeles) $50,000 For a study of ethics, disclosure and privacy issues.
  • Southern California, University of (Los Angeles) $44,000 For studies about stereotyping and bias in media coverage of gay and lesbian issues.
  • Telecommunication Policy Research Conference Inc. (Washington, D.C.) $50,000 For the 28th Annual Research Conference on Information, Communications and Internet policy. [10]
  • Camera News Inc. $20,000 To train young minority artists in film and video techniques. [11]

Media projects supported in 1995

Media Projects [27] "In 1995 the Foundation's matching grants for media projects totaled $10.4 million. They are listed below and within each program's grants list." [28] Urban Poverty

Rural Poverty

Governance and Public Policy

Education and Culture

International Affairs

Reproductive Health and Population

Program-Related Investments

JUST INTERESTING Cuban Committee for Democracy (Washington, D.C.) 74,000 [29]

Media projects supported in 1990

Exchange of ideas and information

Exchange of ideas and information

Access to social justice/legal services

Access to social justice/legal services

Cultural preservation

International studies

  • Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Fund (Washington, D.C.) 50,000 [35]

Media projects supported in 1985

Exchange of ideas and information

some of the media projects