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Feather, Larson & Synhorst DCI (FLS-DCI) are "Specialists in Telephone Contact Business." The telemarketing company used to be known as Feather Hodges Larson & Synhorst DCI. In 2000, the Washington DC-based DCI Group was spun off from FLS-DCI.

FLS-DCI has been one of the largest corporate receipents of funds from the Republican National Committee in 2004. FLS-DCI has close ties to key White House advisor Karl Rove and others in the GOP.

FLS-DCI specializes in creating phony front groups to make it appear as if there's a groundswell of support for its clients' issues.

One of its most prominent front groups is Voices for Choices. This fake coalition of conservative groups is runing ads nationwide in support of AT&T's key issues. AT&T, which has donated millions to the Republican Party and the Bush Campaign in 2004 - and whose general counsel served on Bush's transition team, is one of FLS-DCI's largest and most important clients.

Other FLS-DCI phony productions include Responsible Electronic Communications Alliance and Hands Off the Internet.

On its web site, FLS-DCI states:

"We use state-of-the-art technology to target and communicate with key constituencies. We have a reputation for connecting the right message to the right people. Our team has experience designing and implementing successful phone programs in all 50 states.

"Our client list consists of the last five Presidential Campaigns including Bush/Cheney 2000. We also provide services for the Republican National Committee, the National Republican Congressional Committee, and hundreds of Republican State Parties and candidates on all levels, as well as corporations, associations and other organizations.

Advisor to President George Walker Bush, Karl Rove's endorsement of FLS-DCI reads:

  • "I know these guys well. They become partners with the campaigns they work with. From designing the program to drafting scripts; from selecting targets to making the calls in a professional, successful way they work as hard to win your races as you do."

The Company

  • Voter Contact: Specializes "in creating cost-effective, customized voter contact programs ... [has] over 60 years of political experience working in all 50 States for Republican and Conservative groups including Bush/Cheney 2000."
  • Fundraising: "FLS-DCI has raised money for hundreds of candidates and state and national party organizations ... [offers] a complete service process, coordinating all aspects of fundraising programs including script development and testing, list management services, fulfillment mail design and preparation, print production of all mail materials, daily results and reporting, and fulfillment reporting. FLS-DCI has the capacity to make over 40,000 fundraising calls a day and [works] directly with ... clients to make sure donor and prospect files are called quickly and without delay."
  • Corporate: "FLS-DCI is known for getting the right message to the right people ... [makes] certain the client message is on the mark. Fortune 50 companies, trade associations, and several issue based organizations have relied on FLS-DCI to build their database of grass-roots supporters and members, encouraging them to write a letter, or make a call to their legislator on issues that directly impact their industry."



National Campaigns and Associations

Candidates and Campaigns

National Republican Organizations


Phoenix Office
2401 West Behrend Drive Suite 7
Phoenix, AZ 85027
Phone: 602-387-8000
Fax: 602-387-8001
Web: http://www.fls-dci.com/index.asp

St. Paul Office
570 Asbury Street, Suite 201
St. Paul, MN 55104
Phone: 651-999-0249
Fax: 651-649-0486


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