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FUBYAS Idea Generation Output

This R.J. Reynolds brainstorming document lists ideas for marketing Camel cigarettes to First Usual Brand Young Adult Smokers (FUBYAS).

Ideas include:

  • T-shirt offer - "CAMEL smokers like the hump."
  • Sweepstakes for a space shuttle flight.
  • Send in a pound of CAMEL packs and get a pound of quarters.
  • Send in CAMEL butts and get money.
  • Survival kit (what to do when arrested, etc.)
  • Have a $100 bill in some CAMEL packs.
  • Win a free "air guitar."
  • Coupons or on-pack contests for items appealing to younger smokers: Beer, Clearasil, Dinner with Eddie Murphy, Trip won by parents of FUBYAS that gets parents out of town for FUBYAS party (includes cleaning crew and extra refrigerator).
  • Underwear worn by someone famous
  • Fast food joints with food named after brands (e.g., CAMEL chips)
  • Catchy, slightly lewd T-shirts ("wanna hump?")
  • Make a new movie that replaces Rocky Horror Picture Show as new cult film. CAMEL

plays a key part in movie. Create audience participation around CAMEL.

  • Late show admission with week's worth of CAMEL packs.
  • CAMEL courtesy bus at beach - to and from bars.
  • Vending machine that talks - "are you sure you want a Marlboro?"
  • CAMEL rodeo (with camels instead of horses)
  • CAMEL races at the beach.
  • Raft races - rafts have to look like RJR packs.
  • Sponsor - create a new dance contest - the "Hump" or the "Camel."
  • Own a chain of cinema pubs.
  • Sponsor river trips--billboards along river
  • "Pay" peer leaders to smoke brand.

Date 19850000
Bates 505250755/0761
Pages 7
URL: http://legacy.library.ucsf.edu/tid/bfp25d00

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