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F. Wallace Hays "leads FWH and Associates LLC, a non-partisan consulting firm specializing in international energy issues. He has over sixteen years of experience in foreign policy, international relations, and political and economic risk assessments, and has provided intelligence analysis and political risk assessments on American foreign policy issues to a variety of clients, including foreign governments in Europe and the Middle East, as well as several major energy companies. The primary focus of Mr. Hays’ work is energy and the environment, as well as international trade and investment, specializing in the Middle East, the post-Soviet states, and Central and Eastern Europe. His recent projects include strategic advising for a major multinational corporation building a pipeline in the Caspian Sea region; providing analysis for a private investor exploring the political risks of investment in Middle Eastern markets; and advising a consortium working on social and environmental issues in Central Asia. Formerly, Mr. Hays was the senior associate at Andreae, Vick & Associates, an international consulting firm, where he focused on U.S. international economic policy with special emphasis on the Middle East, Asia, and the former Soviet Union. Since 1995, Mr. Hays has provided international companies and foreign governments with political counsel regarding American policies to Iran and Iraq and has authored papers on the U.S. Congress and its views of the Caspian Sea region as well as analyses of the political risk to non-American companies investing in Iran. Prior to joining the private sector, Mr. Hays spent seven years working in the U.S. Congress, serving as a staff assistant in the House of Representatives for Congressman Lee Hamilton. Mr. Hays served in a number of positions on Congressman Hamilton’s personal staff and on the Committee on Foreign Affairs, which Mr. Hamilton chaired. Mr. Hays has been a guest lecturer at Johns Hopkins University and has published articles and made numerous presentations on Caspian energy issues and U.S. foreign policy priorities." [1]

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