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A self-described "christian organization", it distributed the iPhone application that claimed to "cure" people of being gay or lesbian.[1] Exodus International's president at the time was Alan Chambers.[2][3] It contradicted itself claiming the app did not attempt to cure gays[4], but it's message recorded elsewhere has been "freedom from homosexuality".[5]

Hate Groups

Exodus has received the support and defense of Southern Poverty Law Center-certified hate groups.[6] These include:

Gay App FAIL

After a petition signed by over 150,000 people on change.org, Apple removed the application from its online store on March 22, 2011.[7] This happened despite positive write-ups by magazines claiming focus on business, such as [[Forbes] that published an article by Victoria Pynchon repeating Exodus talking points almost word-for-word.[8]


Accessed April 2012: [1]


As an organization that technically qualifies as faith-based, donations to it are tax deductible. It's start-up funding and largest donations came from:


URL: www.exodusinternational.org

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