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Eustace Clarence Mullins Jr. (March 9, 1923 – February 2, 2010) was an antisemitic American writer, propagandist, Holocaust denier, and disciple of the poet Ezra Pound. His best-known book is The Secrets of The Federal Reserve, in which he alleged that a group of shadowy organizations had conspired to write the Federal Reserve Act for its own nefarious purposes, and then induced Congress to enact it into law. The Southern Poverty Law Center described him as "a one-man organization of hate". Mullins was on the editorial staff of the American Free Press and became a contributing editor to the Barnes Review, both published by Willis Carto's Liberty Lobby.[wiki

In 2016 Global Research republished a 2015 article first published in New Dawn magazine that drew upon Eustace's work. [1]

In 2010 InfoWars reported that "Eustace Mullins was the greatest political historian of the 20th century".[2]

Critical academic Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke wrote in his book Black Sun: Aryan Cults, Esoteric Nazism, and the Politics of Identity (New York University Press, 2003) that Mullins was a "leading member" of the fascist National Renaissance Party and his link to this group "provides a further indication of the occult ideas within the party." "From his Chicago base, Mullins was associated with two organizations in the 1950s concerned with the mystique of Aryan eugenics: the Real Political Institute and the Institute for Bio-Politics." (p.83)


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