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Erin Malec "is a Strategist for the Breakthrough Institute. Erin is best known for her work overseeing an advertising and media campaign to challenge Dr. Laura’s anti-gay radio rants which led to the cancellation of her national television program. Erin later worked with the National Mental Health Association to create a brochure to help parents talk to their children about anti-gay prejudice as part of a national campaign to prevent bullying.

"Erin has spearheaded campaigns for clients including SEIU, the Ford Foundation, Voters for Choice, Rainforest Action Network and the Women's Funding Network. Her work for the California Endowment helped secure government-funded treatment for uninsured women with breast cancer. Prior to the Breakthrough Institute, she served as the communications manager for the Breast Cancer Fund where she secured extensive national media coverage about the organization’s campaigns and created a media training program for breast cancer advocates. Erin graduated magna cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania.“ [1]

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