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Biographical Information

Erel is the Founder and Chairman of Jerusalem Venture Partners. "In 1993 Erel set the tone for Israeli venture capital investing by creating a new model that combined a hands-on management approach with international market creation strategies...

"Currently, Erel focuses on media technologies, combining projects in the fields of animation and gaming that bring together engineers and artists into a new mode of thinking. He also invests in more traditional industries such as communications, networking and enterprise software. Erel plays a direct role in creating and managing the global investment strategy for the firm and actively participates on the boards of several portfolio companies, including Animation Lab, AnyClip, Cyber-Ark, CyOptics, Double Fusion, Magink, MegaLearning, QlikView, Sepaton, Siano and SolGel.

"Prior to founding JVP, Erel was the Director of Business Development for the City of Jerusalem under its former Mayor, Teddy Kollek. There he was instrumental in facilitating the arrival of more than 70 technology firms to the city, including Digital, IBM and many others that gave rise to the burgeoning technology community that drives the Israeli economy today. Erel holds a Ph.D. in Philosophy from Columbia University." [1]

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