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Genetically Engineered Pigs so far include a variety of pig genetically engineered to produce less manure. In 2012, the remaining GE pigs were euthanized and the project was shelved.

GE Pigs That Produce Less Manure

A genetically engineered variety of pig was developed in Canada. Advocates nicknamed them "enviropigs" because they were engineered to produce less manure than normal pigs. They "were set to become among the first produced for human consumption until the project's main financial backers, Ontario Pork, pulled the plug largely based on consumer antipathy toward the altered animals."[1] The University of Guelph produced 10 generation of the pigs before the project ended. In 2012, the 10 remaining pigs were euthanized "after the University of Guelph found no way to continue the research or farm the animals out... The school planned to preserve the pigs' genetic information in long-term safe storage operated by the federal government in Saskatoon."[1]

"Dubbed the Enviropig because of the expected environmental benefits, the research drew protests from consumer groups and within the hog industry over fears the food supply could be contaminated and export markets eliminated.
"The fatal blow for the pigs came earlier this year when Ontario Pork announced it was dropping its financial support for the project.
"The cost of maintaining the pigs in their special facilities at the university was about $100,000 a year, university spokesperson Lori Bona Hunt said.
"Even the manure from the pigs had to be kept separate from other animals and incinerated separately."[2]

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