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This article is part of the Tobacco portal on Sourcewatch funded from 2006 - 2009 by the American Legacy Foundation.

End-game strategies are comprehensive proposals for ways to reverse the ever-upward spiral of nicotine addiction, and wind down and eventually phase out cigarettes and nicotine use globally.

For half a century, public health authorities around the globe have worked to reduce the devastating toll of disease and death caused by tobacco use. Tobacco companies in turn have developed increasingly sophisticated means of defeating these efforts, and making cigarettes even more addictive. Despite all that we know about the health hazards of tobacco use, progress in reducing smoking has been painstakingly slow, expensive and incremental.

Rather than continue to expend ever-scarcer public health resources on piecemeal policy approaches to tobacco control that make only incremental progress at best against an industry that kills 4.9 million people globally each year, some people have proposed comprehensive and innovative ideas for effective end-game strategies aimed at winding down and eventually phasing out the tobacco industry as we know it today.

This is a place to share those ideas. Please enter the title of each end-game strategy, including the name of the person or organization who originated it, click "save page," then click the red link you created and enter information on the strategy.

Proposed End-game strategies for the tobacco industry