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Elizabeth Kristol (aka Elizabeth Nelson) is a member of the hawkish neoconservative family of Irving Kristol, and brother of William Kristol ('Billy'). This was a family which exerted extraordinary commercial political power through Libertarian (extreme free-enterprise) think-tanks, and political power through neocon Republican channels and hawkish military organisations.

Most of the family enterprises are supported financially by wealthy industry organisations with regulatory and political problems. Irving Kristol was the managing editor of Commentary magazine and he established the magazine The Public Interest. He has been described as the "godfather of neoconservatism" and he was funded to about one-third of a million dollars by the conservative John M. Olin Foundation to establish the Libertarian think-tank known as the American Enterprise Institute (AEI). In the late 1960's Irving Kristol worked through the Congress for Cultural Freedom (CCF) until the CIA's funding of CCF was widely exposed by Ramparts magazine. Irving is generally credited with being the intellectual force behind both Bush Presidencies and the Bush doctrine (..unilaterally withdrawing from the ballistic missile treaty and rejecting the climate-related Kyoto protocol.")

Irving's son, William Kristol, (the brother of Elizabeth) was Chief of Staff to the HW Bush Vice President, Dan Quayle. He was also founder of the conservative newsmagazine The Weekly Standard which Rupert Murdoch (Philip Morris Board member) financed. Kristol became editor of The Weekly Standard, and a regular on Murdoch's Fox TV. He was also a board member and co-founder of the think-tank, Project for the New American Century.

The tobacco archives show that all of these family-linked think-tanks and media operations were extensively financed by the tobacco industry. [1] He is a board member of the ...://www.mediatransparency.org/personprofile.php?personID=5 Profile: William Kristol], Media Transparency.</ref>

When Andrew Whist of Philip Morris paid David A Morse and Paul Dietrich to establish the Institute for International Health & Development as a front to attack the World Health Organisation (WHO) (to divert it from its anti-smoking program), part of the plan was to establish the journal International Health & Development. Elizabeth Kristol offered herself as the nominal publisher. She seems to have disappeared off the radar shortly after (probably through marriage)

Billy Kristol is a board member of the Manhattan Institute which was established by ex-CIA director William J. Casey, and the think-tank supremo Antony Fisher -- also with tobacco backing. Paul Dietrich's wife, Laura Jordan Dietrich worked for hawkish Republican poiitician John Bolton. According to many internet sources (unconfirmable) she was also a political trainer with the security services. This places the Dietrichs and the Kristol family at the crossroads of Libertarian/neocom, hawkish, and tobacco-industry influences.