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Electronic Journal of Sustainable Development is a biannual peer reviewed journal. However the EJSD is not listed in the Thomson Reuters Master Journal List of scientific publications[1]

In it's own words : " This multidisciplinary journal, will address the issue of 'sustainable development' and how it can be achieved. It publishes scholarly articles in the realms of public policy, science, economics and the law as they relate to the concept of sustainable development and its various facets (i.e. human well-being, economic growth, environmental quality, natural resource use and management, innovation, and technological change)."

It is a co-publication of corporate funded think tank International Policy Network and the University of Buckingham [2]

Editorial Staff

Co-editors are Julian Morris and Indur Goklany . The Editorial Board includes Benny Peiser, Ian Castles, Pierre Desrochers, Paul Reiter, Sir Alan Peacock, Professor Bruce Yandle and Dr Michael De Alessi of the Reason Foundation[3]

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