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Elaine Dewar

"The acclaimed journalist and bestselling author of Bones: Discovering the First Americans, Elaine Dewar has won multiple National Magazine Awards, and has been nominated for the Canadian Science Writers' Association award. She lives in Toronto." [1]

After writing an article in 1987, which later became her first book Absolute Trust: The Reichmanns Rise to Wealth and Power, a $102-million libel suit was launched against Toronto Life magazine and Elaine by the Reichmanns. "The matter was settled out of court and to the Reichmanns’ satisfaction three years later." [2]

For further details on Elaines approach to journalism, see Maxine Ruvinsky's book Investigative Reporting In Canada (Oxford University Press, 2007), Chapter 14 "Conversations with Canadian journalists Julian Sher, Cecil Rosner, Elaine Dewar, David McKie".


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