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The Earth Institute was established at Columbia University in 1995. Jeffrey D. Sachs is the Director of The Earth Institute.

"The Earth Institute’s overarching goal is to help achieve sustainable development primarily by expanding the world’s understanding of Earth as one integrated system. We work toward this goal through scientific research, education and the practical application of research for solving real-world challenges. With 850 scientists, postdoctoral fellows and students working in and across more than 20 Columbia University research centers, the Earth Institute is helping to advance nine interconnected global issues: climate and society, water, energy, poverty, ecosystems, public health, food and nutrition, hazards and urbanization. With Columbia University as its foundation, the Earth Institute draws upon the scientific rigor, technological innovation and academic leadership for which the University is known." [1]

Management Team

Accessed August 2009: [2]

Advisory Board

Accessed August 2009: [3]

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