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Dr. Douglas Layton is Director of Kurdistan Development Corporation (KDC) Erbil in Kurdistan. [1]


"Dr. Douglas Layton has founded and directed a number of non governmental organizations (NGO) and commercial corporations over the past 30 years. He founded and directed an organization that built or subsidized over 35,000 houses. He has recently directed a US State Department funded project that established a communications system linking every hospital and rural health centre in Kurdistan via 50 satellite and 800 Motorola systems. He has a close working and personal relationships with the highest levels of leadership in Kurdistan. He has also worked as political lobbyist for the Kurds in Washington DC and has numerous political contacts in the United States," his KDC profile states. [2]

Servant Group International

Layton was with Servant Group International, described in 1998 as a Nashville, Tennessee-based "relief and church-planting ministry that is the only American organization currently working in Iraq's Kurdish region" [3]; in 1999 as an organization which "helped hundreds of Kurdish refugees settle in Middle Tennessee" [4]; and in 2000 as an "organization that coordinates the construction of buildings for disaster relief" [5].

In June 1995, the National Center for Public Policy Research's Scoop Newsletter reported that Layton, "who has done relief work in 45 nations and now directs an organization working with the Kurds in northern Iraq, reviewed Saddam Hussein's 'campaign of genocide' against the Kurds. Layton, who just returned from a fact-finding tour of Kurdish areas in Iraq and was in D.C. to brief the U.S. Senate, described the Kurds as 'passionately pro-American' but suffering under both an international embargo against Iraq and an internal one imposed on the Kurds by Saddam. Layton, who said Saddam is 'purposely starving his own people to death,' is working with Senator Hank Brown (R-CO) on hearings to investigate whether Saddam should be charged with genocide."

Published Works

  • Douglas Layton, "Kurds in the Bible", Servant Group International, January 1, 1994.
  • Douglas Layton and George Otis, Jr., "Our Father's Kingdom: The Church and the Nations", World Impact Press, Inc., December 2000, ISBN 0970424302 (Paperback). [6]
  • Douglas Layton and Dr. Stephen Mansfield, "Deceiving A Nation--Islam In America", World Impact Press, Inc., 2002.

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