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Donna Laframboise is a former journalist and a photographer. She is a global warming skeptic based in Toronto Canada. She runs the website 'No Frakking Consensus' and is the creator of She has a degree in Women's Studies, attended the University of Toronto (1989). She was a member of the board of directors of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association – serving as a Vice-President from 1998-2001. [1]

Dishonest Blogger

In the world of climate sceptic blogging Laframboise is at the lower end of the spectrum. Most of her work is poorly sourced and hypocritical. But she is also not afraid to try her hand at dishonesty, such as an article entitled 'BP, Greenpeace and the Big Oil Jackpot'. She suggests the oil industry is donating large sums of money to environmental causes, for reasons unkown. In particular she implies Greenpeace recieves large cash donations from BP.[2]. An entirely untrue claim because Greenpeace are quite clear that they do not accept funding from governments, corporations or political parties.[3].

Another of her childish stances is to criticise IPCC authors for being too young. It turns out however that the youngest lead author is Richard Tol an economist who takes a contrarian view helpful to the fossil fuel lobby, a detail which Laframboise neglects to mention. [4]

On her website, she demonstrates continual lapses in understanding of basic science and science methodology. An example includes confusing weather with climate[5] the difference of which Jenkins-Smith et al. (2012) describes as "weather can be experienced, climate is a statistical construct (consisting of trends and averages) that individuals can observe only indirectly."[6].


  • "I think capitalism, globalization, and biotechnology are the best way to cure widespread poverty on this planet." [7]

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