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Don Waller, "Professor of Botany and Environmental Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, teaches courses in ecology, evolution, field biology, and conservation biology. His research interests include historical changes in plant communities, impacts of habitat fragmentation and deer browsing on plant communities, and the demography and genetics of plant populations. He has worked in forests in Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Michigan, Wisconsin, Jalisco, Mexico, and Panama.

"He has also worked extensively with state and federal resource agencies to improve forest and game management by linking these with conservation biology. This work earned several conservation awards and resulted in a book: Wild Forests: Conservation Biology and Public Policy (Island Press 1994) co-authored with botanist Bil Alverson and attorney Walter Kuhlmann. Dr. Waller served as Editor-in-Chief of the journal Evolution from 1999-2003 and is currently an Associate Editor for Ecology Letters. Experiences with overabundant deer led to his recent interest in bow hunting where his skills remain mediocre." [1]

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