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Deroy Murdock is a "syndicated columnist with the Scripps Howard News Service and a contributing editor at National Review Online." He is a "Media Fellow with the Hoover Institution at Stanford University and a member of the National Conference of Editorial Writers, the Cato Institute's Advisory Board on Social Security Privatization, the American-Swiss Foundation, the American Council on Germany and the Council on Foreign Relations." Murdock is also President of Loud & Clear Communications.[1]

In his role as a Senior Fellow with Atlas, Murdock "has lectured on economics and politics in Bogota and Budapest, among other venues, and advises free-market think tanks in the U.S., Latin America, Europe and Asia. He regularly addresses college audiences as a faculty member at Institute for Humane Studies seminars."[1]

In 1986, Murdock "began writing political commentary for the Washington Times. Since then, the list of publications to which he regularly contributes his column, 'This Opinion Just In...,' and other articles, has grown to include the New York Post, the Orange County Register, the Dallas Morning News, the Boston Herald, Insight and many more. Most of his recent columns are available at"[1]

Murdock worked "on the 1980 and 1984 Reagan for President campaigns and worked for U.S. Senator Orrin Hatch (R-Utah)" and was "a communications consultant to Steve Forbes' 2000 presidential campaign."[1]

Other affiliations

  • Co-founder and National Board member, Third Millennium, "an educational and political advocacy group launched by young Americans born after 1960."[2]


Murdock received an AB in Government from Georgetown University in 1986 and an MBA in Marketing and International Business from New York University in 1989.

Published works


Murdock has contributed to the following publications:

  • Economic Strategy and National Security (Westview/Council on Foreign Relations, 2000).
  • The Race Card: White Guilt, Black Resentment and the Assault on Truth and Justice, Forum, 1997.
  • Black and Right: The Bold New Voice of Black Conservatives in America, Praeger, 1997.
  • The Third Generation: Young Conservatives Look to the Future, Regnery-Gateway, 1987.



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