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Derek Bok is is the 300th Anniversary University Professor; University President, Emeritus; and Faculty Chair of the Hauser Center for Nonprofit Organizations.

Derek Bok. Photo from the Internet Archive.

"He has been a lawyer and Professor of Law, Dean of the Law School, and President of Harvard University. ... He serves as Chair of the Board of the Spencer Foundation and as Chair of Common Cause. His current research interests include the state of higher education and a project sponsored by several foundations on the adequacy of the U.S. government in coping with the nation's domestic problems," a biographical note states. [1]

He is married to Sissela Bok.

Tobacco Stock Divestment

Derek Bok Divested Harvard Univeristy of all tobacco stock in 1990, saying he made the decision because tobacco products "create a substantial and unjustified risk of harm to other human beings." Harvard trustees voted to dump the school's $3.5 million worth of tobacco stocks.[2]

Harvard completed the divestment by March of 1990, but did not announce it until May. The disclosure drew letters of complaint from Philip Morris.[3]


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  • The Shape of the River (1998),
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  • The Trouble with Government (2001)

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