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DepressioNet is a website which states that it aims to help readers "locate help and healthcare professionals as well as information about causes, symptoms and various treatment options in managing depression."[1] The website receives funding from the Australian government, the MBF Foundation and the drug company Wyeth

The website was created in June 2000 by Leanne Pethick, who was also on the editorial board of the website "Yes to Life", a depression website run by Wyeth.[2]


On its website DepressioNet states that, as of December 2008, its current funding includes:

Drug company funding

In 2003 The Age newspaper reported that "Ms Pethick helps with training seminars for Wyeth's sales team" and that DepressioNet received a one-off grant of $20,000 from the makers of Prozac, Eli Lilly.[6]. In 2005 it was also reported that Pethrick "does talks for drug companies about depression and is paid $1000 for each talk."[7]



Board of directors



Former Directors

Contact details

PO Box 2375
Richmond VIC 3121

Phone: +61 3 9428 2229
Email: team AT

Articles and Resources

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