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"The U.S. Department of State has set up a rapid response office dedicated to countering international news reports about the US in the Middle East and the Muslim world that diverge from the ideas and values the Bush administration is seeking to export," Mark Hand reported November 17, 2005, in PR Week.

In her November 10, 2005, testimony before the House Committee on International Affairs, Karen P. Hughes, Under Secretary of State for Diplomacy and Public Affairs, said:

"We have set up a new rapid response office at the state department. It monitors global news and issues a one page report each morning with alerts as needed so that busy policy makers focus not only on the news environment in Washington or America, but also around the world. This has already proven to be an effective early warning system that helps us respond quickly to misinformation or emerging stories. We are asking ambassadors and public affairs officers to speak out on major issues, to do more speeches and television interviews, and my office is providing tools and guidance to help them do so in ways that are clear, concise and coordinated. We’re proceeding with plans to set up regional public diplomacy platforms to expand our television presence, and make programs such as our speaker’s bureau more targeted and strategic. We are at work on a technology initiative to make greater use of web chats, graphics, streaming video perhaps even text messaging to help amplify our message and make it relevant to younger audiences."

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