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DefCon: The Campaign To Defend the Constitution is a project of the Tides Center seeking to create and nuture an online grassroots movement with the intention of countervailing the growing political clout of the religous right.


  • The Separation of Church and State is a Core Value of American Society
  • The Federal Judiciary should be independent from contemporary conservatives' attempts to undermine The Bill Of Rights
  • Science, medical research and technology play a crucial role in economic prosperity
  • Individual privacy is inviolate; this includes the right of control over one's conception, as well as how to die, and extends to all, irrespective of sexual orientation


  • Alert and inform the public to the threats posed by the religious fundamentalist right to America
  • Build and mobilize an online community of person antithetical to the goals of the religious right
  • Mobilize allied scientists, political leaders, and theologians to help Americans understand what is at stake
  • Help ensure that reason, personal freedom, and the rule of law remain as guiding lights of America
  • Become the premiere voice for Americans disturbed by the growing infkluence of right0wing religious fundamentalism, and provide practical and meaningful methods to oppose it

Primary Issues

DefCon Advisory Board

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