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Day & Zimmerman Corporation is a privately held company that engages in the manufacture, sales and disposal of military ordnance including depleted uranium munitions. In 2006 the company had revenue of $1.9 billion dollars.

Through their subsidiary, American Ordnance, a joint venture with General Dynamics, Day and Zimmerman operates the Iowa Army Ammunition Plant (IAAP), a group technology center for the development of missile warheads, artillery rounds and demolition charges.

A D&Z subsidiary, Mason and Hanger, has been manufacturing weapons since 1941. In 1947, Mason and Hanger became the first operating contractor to produce nuclear weapons for the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC). (In 1975 the AEC was abolished with its regulatory functions transferred to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the role of promoting nuclear power into United States Department of Energy).

In 1991 Day and Zimmerman Hawthorn division shipped 72,000 tons of ordnance to support Gulf War I.



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Day and Zimmerman
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