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David Ross Smith "is a modern storyteller. Genuinely fascinated with the power of communication, he possesses a natural facility for capturing and expressing the emotional details of life in pictures and words.

"David has enjoyed a long association with National Geographic Television. Since 1999 he's helped create highly rated, trendsetting programs as writer, field producer, videographer and photographer, including National Geographic's Most Amazing Moments, The World's Most Dangerous Drug, and episodes of Mega Structures and the popular prison series, Lockdown.

"A world-traveler and avid still-photographer, David's arresting images from Central America, Africa, Europe and the Canadian Arctic are used for large-scale site installations, product packaging and editorial features on the web. His music and film critiques are widely published in print and online, most notably for Quincy Jones' Qradio, the Internet Movie Database and the All Music Guide.

"In June, 2008, David shot the Washington, D.C. sequences for The Naked Option: A Last Resort, Candace Schermerhorn's feature-length documentary about the Niger Delta's struggle against the world's most powerful corporate giants. He is currently shooting the Caipirinha Productions independent feature, Cultures of Resistance, in Africa and Central America, and National Geographic's Jason Project in the United States." [1]

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