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David Horowitz is a former TV reporter and star of "Fight Back," a program that deals with consumer issues. Formerly a syndicated TV series, "Fight Back" has subsequently been spun off in the form of newspaper columns, books, radio programming and a web site. Horowitz is part of what ConsumerWatchdog.org calls a "Goon Squad" of people and groups fronting for corporate interests in order to provide an illusion of a "grassroots" campaign to disguise their efforts, also known as astroturf campaigns.

According to The Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights, however, "Horowitz is a paid political hack, using his former credentials as a journalist to win lucrative contracts with utility companies and other big businesses to promote their point of view on public policy issues," and "took over $136,000 from California utility companies to defend electricity deregulation in 1998 as the 'way to cut our electric bills,'" and "he's backing a $20 billion consumer and taxpayer bailout of the utilities' deregulation disaster that has forced electricity prices to skyrocket." [1]

Note: This David Horowitz is not the same individual as David Horowitz, the ex-Marxist turned conservative activist.

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