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Biographical Information

"David Griffin – Born in the English Midlands, he has lived in many areas of the UK. He does not come from a background of UFOlogy but like many people has found that you repeatedly end up in this field after years of research in wider areas. Academically he managed to obtain a place on Bradford University’s infamous ‘ Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution’ degree course the year the college was under pressure to shut the course down from then Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Has worked in virtual learning and learning innovation after obtaining an MSc in Interactive Media and Education with emphasis on Human Computer Interaction but also a variety of areas including NHS support for people with chronic addictions, and NLP based learning and events promotion. Research interests include:

"‘off-planet’ cultures and the ethics of intervention in developing worlds * the interface between alien consciousness and ethnopsychopharmacology * the ETI disclosure process and post-disclosure impact * why exopolitics has a small ‘p’ – horizontal information distribution methods * the alien false flag agenda and synthetic terror * black budget roles in the UFO agenda and narco-trafficking as a black-budget source * the war on drugs as a general war on consciousness Currently expanding the UK node of Exopolitics sites and pursuing methods of pushing the field in the UK and Europe. Main website: http://www.exopolitics.org.uk"[1]


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