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David Brock is the founder and president of Media Matters for America. He and his organization have become key players in creating a strategy and PR echo chamber for the Barack Obama administration, along with John Podesta's Center for American Progress and their joint efforts Progressive Media and Common Purpose.

Brock made his name as the author of The Real Anita Hill: The Untold Story, an attack on the standing of Anita Hill. The book was underwritten in part by funding from the John M. Olin Foundation. [1][2]

Subsequently Brock renounced his earlier work and turned his attention to revealing how the conservative movement shaped the media and political agenda.

In his book The Republican Noise Machine, Brock writes that in the last 30 years hundreds of millions of dollars have been invested in building a right-wing media infrastructure that "has penetrated, pressured, co-opted, and subdued the mainstream media into accommodating conservatism."

He continues: "A deliberate, well-financed, and expressly acknowledged communications and deregulatory plan was pursued by the right wing for more than 30 years--in close coordination with Republican Party leaders--to subvert and subsume journalism and reshape the national consciousness through the media, with the intention of skewing American politics sharply to the right. The plan has succeeded spectacularly."

Brock "serves on the advisory board of Democracy Radio Inc. and is the recipient of the New Democrat Network's first award for political entrepreneurship." [3]


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