Daniel S. Konieczko

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Daniel S. Konieczko was an eighth grade science teacher at King Middle School in Portland, Maine [1] and later became a teacher at Brunswick High School in Brunswick, Maine. He is also a member of Teacher Choice, a national association of teachers and educators who support choices, accountability, and reduced regulation in education."

He wrote at least three articles for the Alexis de Tocqueville Institution (AdTI):

On a since May/June 2004 defunct contact page of the AdTI site (www.adti.net/staffemail.html), 'Don Konieczko' was mentioned as 'Teacher Choice Fellow' for AdTI. On the Education Reform page of that same site, a link to one of his article mentions 'Dan Konieczko'.

His homepage: home.gwi.net/~dkoniecz