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Dan Wofford, son of famous former Senator Harris Wofford for his 1991 senate upset, was a first-time congressional candidate for Pennsylvania's 6th Congressional District. The 6th District, nicknamed the "Pterodactyl", was gerrymandered for current congressman Jim Gerlach, and was frequently referred to as 'Gerlach's seat'. However, Dan was able to stage a massive comeback effort, mimicking that of his father's senatoral upset, mostly without the help of nay-sayer potential fundraisers like the DCCC (Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee).

Dan won the widely-viewed debates largely in part to his reprimandation of Gerlach's attempts to twist information in public mailings, pulling out sheets of corrections for every one of Gerlach's mistaken mailings. Due to a crack-savvy team of young bucks working on his campaign (Adam Swope, David Heck, Celia Fischer), the day befor election Tuesday, the race was labled "too close to call". The more audacious of the latter mentioned group of campaign staff trekked on some interesting political endeavors, the most infamous of which consisted of one staff member to dress up as "Phil The Pill" in a large wire-and-papier-mache painted pill. Phil The Pill stood on street corners holding up a sign that read, "Gerlach: A Hard Pill to Swallow", regarding Gerlach's hypothetical endorsement of the Gag Rule, as well as his conspicuous dealings with the Insurance industry.

By midnight on Election Night 2002, Dan was ahead in the polls. When the rural votes came in, it was clear Dan could not win, namely Montgomery County. He would lose 51%-49%. However, his efforts have shunned the nay-sayers within his own party, and cleared the way for candidates like Louis Murphy to run for Congress, who also lost by the same margin in 2004, and is opposing Gerlach in 2006.

Dan Wofford is currently 50 years old, 46 when he ran for Congress. He has a wife and two children, who attend public schools. Dan's background for Congress: worked an astonishing and successful career in public education. He is a graduate of Yale College, a history major, and Georgetown Law School.