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Dan McGroarty (also known as Daniel McGroarty) is the principal and founder of the Carmot Strategic Group, a Washington D.C. issue management consulting firm.[1]


He was previously a Senior Director of the White House Writers Group and he was a speechwriter for President George H. W. Bush. A biographical note states that while working at the White House he "wrote more than 200 speeches for the President on all matters foreign and domestic, including President Bush's first State of the Union, the President's televised speech on the first night of Operation Desert Storm, and his speech to the Joint Session of Congress at the conclusion of the conflict".[1]

He was a Senior Fellow of the Alexis de Tocqueville Institution (AdTI) and in 1998 earned $94,000 as a consultant for the think tank.[2] (See: AdTI-Funding). McGroarty was a Friedman Fellow at the Milton and Rose D. Friedman Foundation.[3]

A 2007 biographical note stated that he "also serves as adjunct professor at the George Washington Graduate School of Political Management in Washington, DC."[4]


Dan is the author of

  • "Break These Chains, The Battle for School Choice", (Prima Publishing) ISBN 0761505075
  • "Voucher Wars", (Institute for Justice/Milton and Rose D. Friedman Foundation) [1]

and he wrote together with 'Brother' Bob Smith:

  • "Trinnietta Gets A Chance: Six Families and Their School Choice Experience", (Heritage Foundation), ISBN 089195094X

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