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Dalton Delan "has been executive vice president and chief programming officer of WETA Washington, D.C., the major producing station for PBS and the flagship public television station in the nation's capital, since 1998.

"Delan directs WETA's national production department, creating reality, history, science, lifestyle, performance, and news and public affairs programming. His responsibilities also include overseeing syndication and marketing of WETA's productions to the 349 PBS stations across the country, as well as work with cable networks.

"Prior to joining WETA, Delan was executive vice president of programming and creative director for Sundance Channel, where he helped launch the channel for independent films in a highly competitive media environment. There, Delan worked directly with network founder Robert Redford in developing the network's creative vision.

"Delan's prior positions include senior vice president for programming and production at the Travel Channel in Atlanta, where he headed the relaunch of the network; director of program development at Lifetime Television in New York; director of documentary programming at Home Box Office; member of the producing staff of the ABC News Closeup documentary unit; and writer/editor with Time-Life Books.

"Delan graduated summa cum laude from Princeton University." [1]

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