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Dale E. Bauman is the Liberty Hyde Bailey Professor at Cornell University in the Animal Science department.[1] His research focuses on the regulation of nutrient use in lactation, growth, and pregnancy. He is known for working with and supporting Monsanto, as well as the Milk is Milk campaign by the Hudson Institute's Center for Global Food Issues. The Milk is Milk campaign argued that cows injected with Monsanto's recombinant bovine growth hormone is identical to milk from untreated cows, despite research showing an increased presence of the hormone IGF-1 (insulin growth factor-1) in milk from treated cows.

According to Political Friendster: "Dale Bauman, who led a Monsanto-funded rBGH trial at Cornell University, claimed that the increase in mastitis in his study was not due to the use of rBGH, but to a higher presence of mastitis in the herd prior to treatment. The Cornell study concludes "animals were in good health throughout the study" and "no incidences of catastrophic health effects ... were observed." Bauman also stated in a 1987 letter on Cornell University stationery that he is a consultant for Monsanto and American Cyanamid."[2]

Most recently, Dale Bauman was one of the scientists on a team (including a Monsanto consultant) that concluded that rBGH use produced eco-friendly milk because it allowed fewer cows to produce the same amount of milk as compared to untreated cows. Critics of the study point out that the FDA's own analysis of rBGH's environmental impact concluded that it might slightly increase greenhouse gas emissions.[3]

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