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D.A.R.E. - a government failure in P.R.

One might never expect a democratic citizenry to allow cops worried about job security to teach kids how to commit crime. Nonetheless, that apparently has happened with Congress' propaganda front for the deadly drug war

For many U.S. children, a uniformed police officer is the first person who ever suggests they could choose to take illegal drugs. Studies (see below) have shown the D.A.R.E. cops’ classroom suggestions don’t go unheeded; D.A.R.E. graduates are sometimes more likely to use outlawed medications than their counterparts who were never told they had a choice.

While a decade of study has produced consistently poor assessments, police continue to boost the federally funded propaganda program as excellent public relations for their embattled forces.

Outside resources:

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(This is somewhat of a stub article. The studies need to be summarized for this SourceWatch article, along with some history of D.A.R.E. related to its founding by LA police chief Daryll Gates.)