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Cyveillance is an Internet open source intelligence and surveillance firm.[1]

Cyveillance was acquired by QinetiQ in May 2009. A May 2009 news release stated that "the company develops and operates online monitoring technology to identify and track data on the internet. It provides preventative, proactive solutions as well as reactive solutions with applications including identity theft management, intellectual property management, competitive intelligence and open source intelligence collection and analysis. It provides an integrated offering to customers who rely on the web for their trading activities."[2]

On its website Cyveillance claims that its clients include 75% of the top Fortune 500 companies in the financial services, pharmaceutical, energy and technology industries.[3]

Cyveillance offers anti-phishing, ID theft protection, fraud protection, corporate security, information protection, corporate compliance, partner compliance, distribution control, brand intelligence and brand protection in its services and programs. [4]


Board of Directors

In June 2009, Cyveillance listed its board of directors as[5]:

  • Panos Anastassiadis - Chairman, CEO and President
  • Reginald L. Brown
  • Kevin Burns
  • Suzanne Hooper King
  • Steve Kelley

Management Team

In June 2009, Cyveillance listed its management team as[6]:

  • Panos Anastassiadis - Chairman, CEO and President
  • Manoj Srivastava - Chief Technical Officer
  • Richard D. Rose - Chief Financial Officer
  • Dr. Terry Gudaitis - Cyber Intelligence Director
  • Kevin Mullenex - Vice President, Business Development and OEM Sales
  • Eric Olson - Vice President, Solutions Assurance
  • Richard Whitman - Vice President, Sales

Contact details

1555 Wilson Boulevard
Arlington, Virginia 22209-2405
United States
Tel: 703-351-1000
Fax: 703-312-0536

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