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The Critical Systems Protection Initiative (CSPI) is a collaborative effort between Carnegie Mellon University (CERT/CC) and the U.S. Secret Service. Together, they are "developing the Critical Systems Protection Initiative (CSPI). The goal of this program is to develop a refined cyber security prevention and response capability in support of both investigative and protective missions. One important component of the CSPI is the Insider Threat Study, which will analyze the physical and online behavior of insiders prior to and during network compromises. The insider who already has access to systems can potentially be the most dangerous. The U.S. Secret Service foresees the applicability of this program in assisting private industry to evaluate and manage a potential problem before it happens."[1]

"As part of the Insider Threat Study, the U.S. Secret Service and CERT/CC are conducting an anonymous survey of critical infrastructure sector organizations. The purpose of the survey is to collect information about the current prevalence of insider cases across all critical infrastructure sectors."[2] (April 2003)

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