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CounterPunch is the bi-weekly "muckraking" newsletter edited by Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Clair. From their website: "Twice a month we bring our readers the stories that the corporate press never prints. We aren't side-line journalists here at CounterPunch. Ours is muckraking with a radical attitude and nothing makes us happier than when CounterPunch readers write in to say how useful they've found our newsletter in their battles against the war machine, big business and the rapers of nature."

While the main reason the CounterPunch website was set up was to promote the monthly CounterPunch Newsletter, it is the website that has taken off. The website became the repository of long articles that wouldn't fit in the newsletter. Increasingly, writers would submit articles for the website, and with minor or no editing articles were posted in record time. The website provided a venue for many progressive intellectuals, activists and journalists to quickly post their articles. The website also provided an opening for new writers to burst onto the scene. The furor surrounding 9/11 and the impending US-Iraq War (2003) caused the readership numbers to skyrocket. CounterPunch is today one of the leading Left/progressive magazines on the web.

"CounterPunch is a project of the Institute for the Advancement of Journalistic Clarity." [1]


Editors: Alexander Cockburn & Jeffrey St. Clair
Contributors (partial list): Frank Bardacke, Daniel Burton-Rose, Andrew Cockburn, Laura Flanders, Annys Shinn, Ken Silverstein, JoAnn Wypijewski
Counselor: Ben Sonnenberg
Design: Deborah Thomas
Business Manager: Becky Grant

Contact Info

PO Box 228
Petrolia, CA 95558
Phone: 1-800-840-3683
Email: counterpunch AT

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  1. Sliming Wen Ho Lee, Counterpunch, September 22, 2000.