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The Contract Research Center, or CRC was a subdivision of Philip Morris's secret laboratory INBIFO ("Institut fur Biologische Forshung") which operated in Cologne under Wolf Reininghaus. The CRC, however, specialised in animal laboratory research and it was run by Roger (Reudiger) Walk and based in Brussels, Belgium. Walk reported to and through Reininhaus. [2]

Documents & TimeLine

1971 INBIFO at this time was an independent laboratory run by Ulrich Hackenberg, and doing research for Philip Morris that they couldn't afford to risk having done in the USA or many of the West European countries.

1971 Aug 5 Helmut Wakeham the VP Corporate Research & Development atfPhilip Morris wrote to INBIFO owner Ulrich Hackenberg who was recovering from an illness. They were in the process of taking the organisation over.

  • Walter Thoma will not be involved further with the INBIFO program
  • Bill Murray of PM Europe will take his place
  • They will have legal advice from Klaus Bohlhoff re German law on operation of a laboratory as a profit-making organization
  • They plan to split the company, and sell instruments and equipment from one.
  • They may hire Dr Ingolf Richter.


1987 Dec /E This is a follow-up notes about the recruitment of scientific witnesses in Europe. It appears to be linked to the confidential document (list of contractors and potential helper) [4] The principle pan-European recruiter was 'Marco' [probably Iancou A Marcovitch] working with Myron Weinberg who ran the US recruiting firm WashTech. See recruitment notes


  • Werner Stober Fraunhofer Institute.
    [He] was very interested in Austrian project. In the USA thru to the end of year. In with [Gunter] Oberdoerster now. Will spend 3 weeks in Germany/Greece in Sept.

    [He] has done some consulting work, perhaps, for Verband. Impressed.

    Institute for Biological Research (INBIFO) in Cologne -- 1/3rd or so funding from PM. May have been founded by PM.


[The recruiting process involved paying the scientists to review smoking research documents to see if they are compliant.]

1988 Nov 10 INBIFO Draft Report on a rat inhalation study autopsies - smoke related changes of the skin, thymus and lungs. [6] [7] [8]