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The Container Security Initiative (CSI) is a joint U.S.-Canada security program. "The primary goal of CSI is to protect the global trading system and to keep the trade lanes open between foreign ports and North America by targeting and interdicting potential terrorism threats before these threats reach [North American] shores. CSI works to (as stated):

  • Identify high-risk containers
  • Pre-screen and evaluate containers before they are shipped
  • Use technology to pre-screen high-risk containers (including large-scale X-ray and gamma ray machines and radiation detection devices)
  • Use smarter, more secure containers, which will allow customs officers at ports of arrival to identify containers that have been tampered with during transit.

"Canada and the United States are cooperating closely to accomplish these goals. Canadian and U.S. customs officials are jointly deployed in support of the CSI at the ports of Newark/New York, Seattle, Vancouver, Halifax and Montreal. Canada is one of only two countries to have customs personnel based at US ports to assist in the CSI." [1]

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