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According to their web site the "Consumer Health Organization of Canada (CHOC) was begun in 1973 by three individuals who chose to dedicate their lives to spreading awareness about the holistic natural approach to improving our health...Consumer Health Organization began as an idea in the mind of the late Leon Shelley, one of Canada's pioneer film producers. Leon met John Tough at his natural food store, where they regularly discussed their mutual frustrations about the efficient suppression of any health approaches other than allopathic and pharmaceutical.,, While at a National Health Federation convention in the U.S., Leon button-holed the late Walter Hodson, father of the health food industry. They immediately hit it off, and over the next three days hammered out the principles on which CHOC was to operate and, in fact, continues to operate: no commercialism and no negativity towards the medical profession.

"The first convention held in 1974 at the Constellation Hotel drew a total of about 800 over three evenings. Subsequent Total Health conventions were held at the Royal York Hotel, and drew many of the great pioneers of the alternative health movement. Walter Hodson, Beatrice Trum Hunter, Paavo Airola, Bernard Jensen, Charlotte Gerson and Bill Ellis were among the first speakers, followed by John Christopher, Robert Mendelson, Ray Evers, Kurt Donsbach, Jan de Vries and Linus Pauling. These men offered their services free of charge to help others, and were deeply loved for it." [1]

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