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Consorcio Desarrollo y Justicia is a "Venezuelan non-governmental non profit organization that helps to strength democracy with social sustainable development programs and judicial reform." They add that their "mission is to promote Venezuela’s democratization, as well as implanting alternative dispute resolution methods that support social development, education and the defense and promotion of human rights." [1]

Teaching Human Rights and Negotiation in the arm forces, police corps and institutions:

"Early learning of basic principles of human rights can make the difference. Consorcio Justicia developed with Instituto de Seguridad y Defensa para los Derechos Humanos (ISDH) a series of teaching strategies to promote and teach human right values in several police corps and institutions. We also provide tools to negotiate a solve conflicts without violence. Human Rights to the Arm Forces: We have been developing a human right education program to officers and corps of the Venezuela’s Arm Forces trying to mitigate abuses or violations to human rights and helping officers and effectives to negotiate." [2]

Consorcio Justicia:

"Civil society searching for effective alliances to promote changes. Consorcio Justicia has support from alliances with other non-governmental and governmental institutions for the development of its programs. The support and faith of the European Union in the implantation of the first judges of peace was fundamental, soon followed new alliances with other international organisms like the Inter-American Development Bank, World Bank, OAS, United Nations Development Program, National Endowment for Democracy, Partners ,the Inter-American Foundation, The Tinker Foundation, British Government, US Government and Australian Government . We also have support from the private sector: companies like Polar, CANTV, Banco Mercantil, Venezuelan Bank of Credit, PDVSA, Banco Provincial, Electricidad de Caracas, Vencemos, Telcel, Alfonzo Rivas among others. Those organizations and companies believed in Consorcio Justicia’s work. The establishment of different alliances allowed us to be what we are. It would be impossible to work without the unisonous effort of the different organizations and people who have joined the diverse initiatives to achieve community change and social sustainable development." [3]

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