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Connie M. Weaver is a Distinguished Professor and the head of the Purdue University Department of Nutrition Science, a role she has held since 1991.[1][2] She is also the Director of the NIH Botanical Center for Age Related Diseases and the Deputy Director of the Clinical and Translational Science Institute.[3] She is on the board of trustees of International Life Sciences Institute, a Washington-D.C. based lobby group funded by food, chemical and drug companies.

Career at Purdue

"Her early accomplishments were in the area of nutrition research and mineral bioavailability. Dr. Weaver’s unique approach to the study of calcium metabolism in teens uses stable non-radioactive isotope methodology. This approach along with Camp Calcium has provided insight into factors affecting development of peak bone mass during growth, which determines risk of osteoporosis in women. The results of these studies by her research team are being used to set recommendations for calcium for populations around the world. She was appointed to the National Academy of Sciences Food and Nutrition Board Panel to develop new recommendations for requirements for calcium and related minerals. The level of 1300 mg/day for teens was based on research done in Camp Calcium.
"In 2000, she envisioned a Botanicals Center at Purdue University. It became a reality when the National Institutes of Health supported the center focusing on polyphenols and their effects on age-related diseases...
"Under her direction the Department of Foods and Nutrition has grown their research support to multi-million dollars. Today, the department is ranked at Purdue as having the highest research dollars per faculty FTE. Dr. Weaver leads by example. She is a true scholar, having achieved outstanding recognition in Learning, Discovery, and Engagement."[1]

Courses Taught

At Purdue University, Weaver teaches the following:[3]

  • "Nutritional Biochemistry and Physiology I (F&N 605) - The course goal is to provide a foundation in the scientific concepts relevant to nutrient metabolism and nutrient-disease interaction. Dr. Weaver contributes lectures on metabolism methodology and calcium.
  • "Executive in the Classroom (F&N 400) - Lecture and discussion, featuring industrial and business executives in food-related areas. Emphasis is placed on careers in the food industry.
  • "Sophomore Honors Class (F&N 290H) - Introduction to research methods and to development of Honors Proposal.
  • "Polyphenolics in Health - Dr. Weaver contributes lectures on estrogens, phytoestrogens, and bone."


Weaver earned her B.S. and her M.S. in Nutrition at Oregon State University in 1972 and 1974, respectively. She went on to earn her Ph.D. in Nutrition at Florida State University in 1978.[3]

Professional Memberships, Boards, and Appointments

"Dr. Weaver serves on numerous advisory boards for industry, as well as numerous NIH study sections, including chair of the nutrition study section from 2001-2003. She has published over 170 research articles."[1]

Awards and Honors

Weaver has won the following awards and honors:[3][1]

Contact Information

  • Purdue University
  • 700 W State Street
  • 1264 Stone Hall, Rm 210
  • West Lafayette, IN 47907-2059
  • Ph: (765)494-8237
  • Fax: (765)494-0674
  • Email:

Selected Publications

  • Welch JM, Turner, CH, Devaready, L, Arjmandi, BH, Weaver, CM. High impact exercise is more beneficial than dietary calcium for building bone strength in the growing rat skeleton. Bone 42(4):660-668, 2008. doi 10.1016/j.bone.2007.12.220., NIHMS 44960.
  • Ariefdjohan, M., Martin, B., Lachcik, P., Weaver. C.M. Acute and chronic effects of honey and its carbohydrate constituents on calcium absorption in rats. J. Ag. Food Chem. 56:2649-2654, 2008.
  • Thierry-Palmer, M., Henderson V.M., Hammali, R.E., Cephas, S.; Palacios, C., Martin, B.R., Weaver, C.M. Black and white female adolescents lose vitamin D metabolites into urine. Am. J. Med. Sci. 335(4):278-283, 2008.
  • Braun, M., Palacios, C., Wigertz, K., Jackman, L.A., Bryant, R.J., McCabe, L.D., Martin, B.R., McCabe, G.P., Peacock, M., Weaver, C.M. Racial differences in skeletal calcium retention in adolescent girls on a range of controlled calcium intakes Am. J. Clin. Nutr., 85:1657-63, 2007.
  • Cheong, J.M.K., Martin, B.R., Jackson, G.S., Elmore, D., McCabe, G.P., Nolan, J.R., Barnes, S., Peacock, M., Weaver, C.M. Soy isoflavones do not affect bone resorption in postmenopausal women: A dose response study using a novel approach with 41Ca. J. Clin. Endocrin. Metab. 92:577-585, 2007.
  • Weaver, C.M., Cheong, J., Jackson, G., Elmore, D., McCabe, G., Martin, B. 3H-tetracycline as a proxy for 41Ca for measuring dietary perturbations of bone resorption. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research 259:1, 790-795, 2007.
  • Martin, B.R., Davis, S., Campbell, W.W., Weaver, C.M. Exercise and calcium supplementation: effects on calcium homeostasis in sportswomen. MSSE 39(9):1481-1486, 2007.
  • Weaver CM, McCabe LD, McCabe GP, Novotny R, Van Loan M, Going S, Matkovic V, Boushey C, Savaiano DA, ACT research team. Bone Mineral and Predictors of Bone Mass in White, Hispanic, and Asian Early Pubertal Girls. Calcif Tissue Int 81(5):352-363 ,2007.
  • Zhao, Y., Fleet, J.C., Adamec, J., Terry, D.E., Zhang, X., Kemeh, S., Davisson, V.J. and Weaver, C.M. Effects of hindlimb unloading and bisphosphonates on the serum proteome of rats. Bone 41(4):646-658, 2007.
  • Britten, P., Lyon, J., Weaver, C.M., Kris-Etherton, P., Nicklas, T., Weber, J., Davis, C. MyPyramid food intake pattern modeling for the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee. J Nutri. Ed. and Behavior 38:S143, 2006.

Books, Chapters, and Monographs Publications

  • Martino, HSD, Martin BR, Weaver CM, Bressan J, Moreira MA, Costa NMB. A soybean cultivar lacking lipoxygenase 2 and 3 has similar calcium bioavailability to a commercial variety despite higher calcium absorption inhibitors. J. Food Sci. 73:H33-H35, 2008.
  • Ariefdjohan, M., Martin, B., Lachcik, P., Weaver. C.M. Acute and chronic effects of honey and its carbohydrate constituents on calcium absorption in rats. J. Ag. Food Chem. 56:2649-2654, 2008.
  • Thierry-Palmer, M., Henderson V.M., Hammali, R.E., Cephas, S.; Palacios, C., Martin, B.R., Weaver, C.M. Black and white female adolescents lose vitamin D metabolites into urine. Am. J. Med. Sci. 335(4):278-283, 2008.
  • Hill, K., Braun, M.M., Kern, M., Martin, B.R., Navalta, J., Sedlock, D., McCabe, L.D., McCabe, G.P., Peacock, M., Weaver, C.M. Predictors of calcium retention in adolescent boys. J. Clin. Endocrin. Metab. 93(12):4743-4748, 2008.
  • Weaver CM, McCabe LD, McCabe GP, Braun M, Martin BR, DiMeglio LA, Peacock M. Vitamin D status and calcium metabolism in adolescent black and white girls on a range of controlled calcium intakes. J. Clin. Endocrin. Metab. 93:3907-3914, 2008.
  • Weaver, C.M. Ch. 44 Osteoporosis: The Early Years. In: Nutrition in the Prevention and Treatment of Disease 2008, 2nd Ed. Coulston, AM, Boushey, CJ, eds. Elsevier, Inc. Pp 833-851.
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  • Walker MD, Novotny Rachel, Bilezikian JP, and Weaver CM, Race and Diet interactions affect the acquisition, maintenance, and loss of bone. J. Nutr. 138(6):1256S-60S, 2008.
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Teaching Publications (selected)

  • Weaver, C.M. and Daniel, J.D. The Food Chemistry Laboratory: A Manual for Experimental Foods, Dietetics, and Food Scientists, Vol. 16, ISBN 0849312930 CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL 2003.
  • Weaver, C.M. and Daniel, J.R. Ch. 5 Carbohydrate Functional Properties. In: Food Chemistry: Principles and Applications, Christen, G.L. and Smith, J.J., eds. Science & Technology Systems, West Sacramento, CA 2000 ISBN: 1-891796-01-1.
  • Charley, H. and Weaver, C.M. FOODS: A Scientific Approach. 3rd Ed. Prentice-Hall, Inc. Upper Saddle River, NJ 1998 Pp. 581 ISBN: 0-02-321951-3.

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