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Company police agencies—also known as private police agencies and private sector security—are "a vital part of the criminal justice system," according to the North Carolina Department of Justice: "Company police help patrol and enforce the criminal laws of our state on private and public school property, at county and state hospitals, at shopping centers, apartment complexes and office buildings, and even on golf courses and recreational lakes. These agencies and their respective officers may by law provide the same police services within their territorial jurisdiction as do municipal law enforcement officers in North Carolina." [1]

Example: San Francisco

Robert W. Poole, Jr., who heads the Libertarian Reason Foundation headquarterd in Los Angeles, California, which "specializes on issues of privatization", in the 1980 book "Cutting Back City Hall" (web), gave "an instructive example of private policing. In San Francisco, 'Stretched across the city's northern section are 62 private police beats, 'owned' by private police officers who are paid by their customers - the businesses, apartment owners and homeowners.' p. 39." [2]


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