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Biographical Details

"Clyde Musgrave is a business executive, technologist, engineering leader, communicator and entrepreneur....

"Dr. Musgrave has shared responsibility for advances into radical new technologies by many government agencies, including National Security Agency, Central Intelligence Agency, National Institute of Standards and Technology, National Reconnaissance Office, Defense Intelligence Agency, Defense Mapping Agency, Advanced Research Projects Agency, and National Information & Display Laboratory.

"Since 1973, he has held Top Secret – TS/SI/TK/plus others based on full background investigations and full lifestyle polygraphs, and holds Dept. of Homeland Security access.

"Dr. Musgrave served the Navy in classified engineering and line capacities, including the Navy Milstar Program and the Naval Electronic Systems Command, among many others. He conducted the Technical Evaluation and Operational Evaluation of the first ship-borne SigInt/ComInt program for NSA as well as many others.

"In his corporate career, Clyde served on the Strategic Development Staff at GTE (now Verizon). He held the post of Chief Technology Officer for Efficient Networks (now part of Siemens). He worked as Director of Corporate Development for Sarnoff Labs, helping one of Sarnoff’s biometric spinoffs, IriScan, achieve early commercialization of practical iris identification. Clyde also served as Director of Systems Engineering at General Electric.

"At Efficient Networks, a pioneer in xDSL for business and residential broadband communications, he helped position the company for its acquisition by Siemens for $1.2 billion. He was Vice President and General Manager of a software business and had P&L responsibility for 50+ people, and annual revenues of $25 million per year...

"He has done private consulting with government and commercial partners and served in several start-ups through the present. One of his recent business development vehicles is Prevocative, formed in 2010 in partnership with Michael North." [1]

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