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Clive Lord joined the embryonic Green Party UK "in March 1973, 5 months after its formation. Now 79, he is the longest serving member still active. He was major contributor to the Party's first ' Manifesto for a Sustainable Society', drafting the section outlining the crucial link between social justice and preserving the planet's life support systems, He has consistently advocated the Citizens' Basic Income as having a key role, until someone thinks of a better idea (40 years and still waiting)." [1]

On his blog he writes: "To understand why intelligent humans are currently not heeding scientific warnings that we are reaching the limits of its ability to cope with the effects of increasing population times per capita consumption, I recommend a look at the ‘Tragedy of the Commons, and my book resume next." [1] Here he links to the 1968 article by Garrett Hardin.

Married to Brenda Gosling .


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