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Clean, Responsible Energy for Wisconsin's Economy (CREWE) is a business coalition formed in 2009 to "advocate meaningful energy policy change," according to its website. CREWE supports the recommendations made in 2008 by Governor Jim Doyle's Governor’s Global Warming Task Force. [1] The task force recommendations include amending the state's moratorium on nuclear power, while continuing to place conditions on the construction of new nuclear power plants in the state. [2]

According to a news release from Putnam Roby Williamson Communications, CREWE will work closely with the task force for "policies that effectively and responsibly address global warming and capture the economic development and environmental opportunities in Wisconsin, said CREWE Board Chairman Dan Ebert." [3]

"CREWE is expected to be at odds with other business groups that have opposed the task force's recommendations last year and are expected to oppose a climate bill," reported the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. "Those groups include Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce, the Wisconsin Paper Council and the Wisconsin Industrial Energy Group. The groups are concerned about the impact on energy costs from a global warming bill, and have raised concerns about whether a state bill is needed given action on climate legislation that's expected to take place in Congress." [4]

Katie Boyce in Governor Doyle's office has reported having a financial relationship with CREWE. [5]

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CREWE's website address was registered on November 17, 2008, by "PRW," presumably referring to the Putnam Roby Williamson Communications firm. [8]

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