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This 1977 Brown & Williamson document lists gimmicky ideas for new cigarettes and marketing positions for them. "Market positioning" is when marketers try to create an image or identity for a product, brand, or company. "Positioning," in the case of cigarettes, is a fantasy about the product that the company creates in the minds of the target market. Some of the ideas for new cigarette brands proposed in this document are:

  • "SIMBA - for blacks, young & exotic menthol"
  • "VAPORETTES - good for a cold"
  • "CD - cigarette for a cold with cough drop ingredients in the filter,"
  • "SILHOUETTE - Diet aid, helps with hunger pangs dulls pangs,"
  • "LIBS - for women achievers,"
  • "NAPOLEONS - short with burning retardant,"
  • "SARGASSO - seaweed filter - with thousands of tiny follicles to trap and absorb tars and nicotine,"
  • "SIGNAL - tells you when to stop smoking,"
  • "HOOKAH - Turkish tobacco - rich taste smoke like a sultan,"
  • STARS and STRIPES - Patriotic, red, white and blue," and
  • "PURITAN - PURE smoking, health-oriented"

The market positioning proposed for many of the brands listed is "Health." Other positionings include "Natural," "Prestige," "Economy," "masculine Virginia Slims," "Modern/futuristic," and "women fastidious."

Title Cigarette Ideas
Date 19770000
Type List
Bates 680075612/5626
Collection Brown & Williamson
Pages 15