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Chuck Ford was a Denver-area lobbyist who also served as Executive Director of the Colorado Licensed Beverage Association (CLBA), a group that represents bar owners and alcohol industry interests. As Director of CLBA, Chuck Ford publicly supported clean indoor air laws in Colorado with amendments that would have allowed carve outs for small taverns similar to the carve outs allowed for cigar bars and cabarets.

Typical of Ford's conditional support was this passage in an article from April 19, 2006 in The Denver Post:

Chuck Ford, a lobbyist for the tavern industry, stated that this avenue of seeking exemptions for bars is "at a dead end," but that he would organize a equal protection violation lawsuit against the measure, based on the fact that casino floors are exempt.


Claims of long term financial damage to economies have been proven wrong by numerous studies of objective measures, like sales tax receipts, from bars and gambling businesses in cities and states that have enacted clean indoor air laws. However, many of those studies did not account for change of ownership, change in business model or the cost to individual business owners. [2] A good example might be Billy's[3] in Northwest Denver. After clean indoor air laws were enacted, Billy's didn't go out of business, but it did change ownership and required tens of thousands of dollars in renovation as well as licensing as a restaurant. As a direct result at least three people lost their jobs, but they no longer have to worry about the negative health impacts of second hand smoke.

With, Zack Ford, Chuck Ford in 2006 was part of the Denver-area lobbying firm of Ford Sovine & Ford.


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